Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wow It's almost the end of Febuary...

And I'm finally getting back in here.

Life happenings:
I'm healed up from my the thumbs up from the Doc!
I found out that I may have to have my thyroid removed due to 2 nodules in them.
Biopsy was inconclusive...but the right nodule is massive and takes up the whole lobe.
Leia and Beren are both learning to drive.
Leia gets her license next month and Beren just got his permit.
Tess and Seth are do well...growing like weeds and so is Lily.
She goes to Preschool 2 days a week and is sooo smart.

Greg has been gone a lot and this is one of the many reasons I don't have time
to get in here to post. He's been gone 3 weeks this month to Ft. Knox, Atlanta, and Miami. It's really hard trying to heal up when he is gone this much...but I made it.
Now to get ready for the next operation.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

'bout time I get back to this blog...

It's been a crazy year for 2009!

Winter '09:
Greg gone a lot!
Lots and Lots of snow!

Spring '09:
Again just super busy with kids and life...

Greg was gone a lot!
Swimming Lessons for Lily.
Swim Team for Tess and Seth.
Summer School for both Seth and Tess.
Lily started Preschool.

Fall is always busy for us:
3 kids in Sporting events.
School starting
Both Beren and Leia learning to drive!

We all got very sick with H1N1 and other viruses!

Went to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. We haven't' had a road trip in years. And boy was it a doozie! Took 12 hours to get there...all 7 of us packed into a Dodge Caravan! We had a fabulous time visiting Greg's family!

I started a new business for myself:  Premier Designs Jewelry
I'm a jewelry for this fabulous company. Make sure you check it out.

Now we're in 2010:
Started the New Year with Surgery! UGH! A hysterectomy!
So now I have some time while I heal to update my blogs.

I started a new blog that will house all my scrapbooking layouts.
Check it out:
Mikki's Memos

Hope to get back here more often!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Been too busy...

to post lately. But I'm hoping to get back here and do a lot of updating. I plan on back-dating some of the past events that happened in make sure you go back to the month of October to see what I have slipped in there. I'll leave another post telling you when I have updated October news. See ya later!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's a cute little Surprise for ya.

Last weekend Greg and the 4 older kids went back to Solon for Homecoming. We did this last year too. So much fun seeing all of our friends! Sadly tho, Lily and I stayed home as I was fearful that she would get lost in the massive crowds during the game. Solon always has a huge turn out for homecoming.

Anyway, while Greg was there he stayed with our friends Allen and Keela Harrington. Allen gave Greg a CD he made that has tons of pictures of our boys together at scouting events, birthday party's, and other outings. And as I was looking through the photos last night. I got a kick out of how much the boys have changed. Some of these photos dated back 3 years ago. And as I was looking through them I stumbled upon 4 videos. Allen took them during our last visit to Solon, October 2007. The weather was unusually warm and we all hung out by their pool. I was so thrilled to see them that I just had to share them with you all too.

Mostly of Lily...she's a year and half old. Seems like that was ages ago. She has changed sooo much.

Thanks Allen and Keela for the special memories and for hosting my family once again! Love you guys!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 4: 30 pages in 30 days

Page 1.
My BIG garden on Solon!

Page 2 of My Garden

Seagulls in Iowa? Oct 2003

Tess and her friend Seth. He was so sweet to her.
She saw him last week when they went to Solon.
She said "He still Looks the same." Tess always liked
touching his short hair! ha ha

Well that's it...actually I did a little more just haven't taken
pictures of them yet...but this is 30 layouts in 30 days. I did it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 3: 30 pages in 30 days

Page 1.
Another layout of Tess' First Halloween Party in Kindergarten.

Page 2 KD Halloween

Page 1.
Leia and her gerbils she got for her 11th birthday.

Page 2. Gerbil World

Halloween 2003 in Solon

Halloween 2008 in Tomah

Halloween 2003 in Solon.